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If my daughter couldn't eat it, it wouldn't leave the house.


My 'why' for setting up this business is my darling daughter.  She was diagnosed with Coeliac's Disease in February 2018 which was one big shock. Once I got my head around it, I never wanted her to miss out.  I've seen the disappointment in her eyes when she is excluded. So, she doesn’t miss out & neither should anyone else with this disease. And it is an auto-immune disease and not an allergy.

There are a range of kids items coming soon - they've taken far to long to organise, but children with Coeliacs or gluten intolerances are still very much at the forefront of my mind.  I hate seeing them miss out.

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When you start out on this journey, you have lots and lots of questions.  They should be addressed to your dietitian, GP or Coeliacs UK.  In addition, its handy to have someone to ask a question of, so Facebook groups are a good source of information, although some of the information is sometimes diluted & you are always best to check with one of the professionals as stated above.

I can help those newly diagnosed with Coeliacs negotiate the challenges that come with the disease; from ensuring you know what to look out for, how to read labels & setting up your kitchen to avoid typical cross contamination issues.  Once you know the basics, you are ready to go forward, improve your health & get on with your life.  We learnt lots during our journey, and what I now know, can help you too.  If you’ve just been diagnosed with Coeliacs, I’ve a wealth of information in one place for you to get your journey going. 

From my Instagram page you can find a link to my Facebook group.  This has guides within it to help you learn how to read labels efficiently so you don't have to ask the question 'can I have this'.  Knowledge is power, and reading labels is an absolute necessity. 

Any questions, or if you have hints & tips too, do contact me via the form below.