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Gluten Free Pastry

Everyone has a favourite recipe, especially if it works within gluten free baking.   I have a knack for adapting normal recipes to GF and most of the time they do work!  Though some things I refer to a few gluten free experienced cooks.

This was posted by Rachel in a gluten free Facebook Group.  It has been my go to recipe ever since.  Simple, quick & quite frankly, I don't think anyone would tell the difference.  It behaves just like normal pastry.


200g Gluten Free Plain Flour - I used Doves Freee

100g Block margarine - i.e. Stork Block or equivalent.  I use butter

1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum

1 egg

Cold water to bring it together

Put the flour & Xanthan Gum into a food processor.  Add in the butter/block margarine & pulse until breadcrumbs. **

Add in the egg & mix.  Add in enough cold water to bring the mixture together.  A tablespoon at a time seems to suffice.

Wrap in clingfilm & rest for 30 minutes.

Use & roll out as  you would normal pastry.

**For sweet pastry - add 25g of caster sugar before adding the egg/water

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