Back to school & Coeliacs

It's the old packed lunch dilemma for us.  Especially in the current Covid-19 climate, a packed lunch is the safest option for Grace.  Whilst her lower school did cater well for her if she chose to have school dinners (rarely), her secondary school tends to only offer chips, and they can't be guaranteed to be gluten free if there is a change of chef, as they may or may not have cooked something in the fryer that might be deemed unsuitable.

So it’s back to the drawing board to try & draw up a list or two of things that she will / won’t eat, whilst trying to be healthy (!), and to fill her up.  Anyone notice that it is impossible to fill up a Coeliac?

Sandwich vs Pasta combo

She doesn’t / never really did like sandwiches even prior to her diagnosis.  So we tried Warbutons GF thins.  They went down ok for a while, but soon we ended back without ‘bread’ or an alternative.  Currently we are having Asda Free From spaghetti – its become her new favourite.  At £1 a packet, that is quite good (certainly on the pocket).  She had preferred Barilla GF spaghetti or linguine (£2.50), but announced the other week that this is her new fav, and get more in please.  She has this with GF sausages from Tesco regular frozen section.  Now I will say I wouldn’t eat these in a month of Sundays, that they have ingredients in that I don’t like nor approve of, but they are GF, they are cheap & they are what she likes.  Who am I to argue?

On a whim last week she tried a GF roll with sausages (sausages feature a far bit in her diet).  The rolls are by Schar - 5/6 frozen rolls in a bag that even I find quite palatable.  They are £2.50 from Sainsburys in their GF section.  She came home raving about it, that she didn’t even need ketchup with it.  So another win.  She is at least currently up to trying new things.



Our go to are Seabrooks, particularly Prawn Cocktail.  All of their crisp range is GF which is fabulous.  Morrisons/Asda/Ocado did have them – I’ve yet to find them in Tesco or Sainsburys.  Failing that, we have Tesco Finest Cider Vinegar & Salt ones, M&S tortillas (the blue packet) or Cheese puffs (Tesco own are GF as are M&S).  Schar crackers (but can you ever butter them without breaking them), Organix Blueberry & Raspberry baby rice crackers (she can demolish a packet in seconds).


I’ve not found a yogurt that isn’t GF, but watch out for those with fancy bits in, always read a label.   Even if you’ve had it numerous times before, its always a double check.  You never know when they decide to sub in an ingredient.

Fruit / Veg

Throw in some fruit options in a reusable pot or some carrot & cucumber sticks, and a couple of the current favourite Tesco Free From digestives, and she’s got at least something to eat at lunch time.  She can pick & choose to her hearts content but at least there is something that is safe to cover her options, the variety is growing of what she will eat & so is she at an alarming rate this year.

 What are your favourite go to’s for your lunchboxes?